Our Management Team

Hansjörg Sommerau



Hansjörg Sommerau worked over 14 years in the investment management of UBS bank in Switzerland and London. He co-founded subsequently Swiss Capital Group and built up its alternative investment and real estate asset management in Swiss Capital Property Ltd., Zürich, Switzerland. In 2007 Mr. Sommerau co-founded Swiss Capital Bosporus Properties A.Ş. together with a Swiss Capital Partner. He acts as the company's Chairman since its establishment. Mr. Sommerau is based in Zurich/Switzerland and Reading/UK.


Ertan Dal

Senior Partner


Ertan Dal has more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the IT, investment and real estate industry. He commenced his career in building his own IT firm in the 1980/1990s in Zurich, followed by supporting the City of Istanbul in BOT-projects related to recycling and alternative energies. Since 2006 Mr. Dal is heading the operations of Taurus Investment Holdings LLC, a global investment advisor and real estate development firm. He is based in Istanbul.



Senior Partner


Ergin Büyükbayram provides more than 30 years experience in supply chain management and infrastructure projects in international environments. He has broad international Project Management accountabilities with proven history of applying continuous improvement methodologies in difficult regions. Starting initially as a co-investor he assumed operational responsibilities of Swiss Capital Bosporus Properties A.Ş.  in 2011. Ergin Büyükbayram is based in Istanbul and Adana.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Glatte

Senior Partner


Professor Dr. Thomas Glatte has over 20 years experience in international construction and real estate business. He started as construction manager for Philipp Holzmann AG in Asia. Subsequently, he has lead numerous international property projects for BASF SE in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Since 2008, he serves as its Director of Global Real Estate. He is also  a Professor of Real Estate with Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Heidelberg, Germany. Based in Mannheim Germany, Prof. Dr. Glatte supported Swiss Capital Property initially as advisor and became a board member to Swiss Capital Bosporus Properties A.Ş. in 2015.